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Warm Congratulation for the 2017 graduation
Author : Yuan-Yuan Yue

List for Doctorate Recipient (2017 summer):

Mr. Hai Wang, Mr. Ying-Shuai Wang, Ms. Dan Wang, Mr. Zhen-Nan Tian, Mr. Xue-Qing Liu, Mr. Da Yin, Mr. Huan Wang, Mr. Zhen-Yu Zhang, Ms. Chao Lv and Mr. Xue-Peng Zhan.

List for Masterate Recipient (2017 summer):

Mr. Wen-Gang Yao, Mr. Sen Liu, Ms. Shi-Mei Jing, Mr. Jun Jiang, Ms. Yuan-Yuan Yue, Ms. Yan-Xia Zhang, Mr. Bo-Yuan Zheng, Ms. Ai-Hua Meng, Ms. Xia-Li Ou, Ms. Wei Guan, Mr. Kai-Min Guan, Mr. Zhi-Wei Tu, Mr. Rui Ma and Mr. Xu-Yu Wang.

Here, we sincerely give our best regards to all of the ladies and gentlemen above for their graduation in C-UFO. We will never forget their great efforts and passion to focus on their research topic during the past several years. We hope that the C-UFO motto “Success = Dream + Diligence + Method” is helpful for their future positions. Good luck, boys and girls, C-UFO is always with you!