LaSuN --- Lab of Superfast Nanophotonics
Annual tour in Daqinggou national natural reserve
Author : Dong Han

Most members of LaSuN spent one day in Daqinggou national natural reserve on the annual tour of this year. The tourists started their journey on the early morning of July 18 and arrived at the destination in the afternoon. Though the coach journey was accidently extended due to the highway construction, they still had lots of fun after the arrival. They visited the local residence and appreciated the culture of the local minority nationality. In the evening, a campfire party was held by the local people as a warm welcome for the tourists. Some people also gained their first horse-riding experience on the morning of the next day. The tourists set out on the back journey at noon after one enjoyable day in the natural reserve and reached Changchun in the evening. The whole trip took two days.