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Prof. Vladimir R. Tuz from Ukraine visited C-UFO
Author : Qiu-Lan Huang

On 31st March, 2016, Prof. Vladimir R. Tuz, Senior Research Fellow at the Theoretical Radiophysics Department in the Institute of Radio Astronomy of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kharkiv, Ukraine, visited C-UFO. He gave a public talk on "Nonlinear trapped-mode all-dielectric metamaterials". Prof. Bao-Lin Zhang hosted the talk.



Prof. Vladimir R. Tuz's Fields of specialization are Electromagnetics of complex media, random media, periodical structures, composite materials, photonic crystals and metamaterials; plasmonics; biomedical applications and numerical methods for computational electromagnetics. He has been working for the industry over 15 years and has well-developed understanding of both hardware and software technologies. His current part-time position is a Senior Software Engineer at Samsung Electronics R&D Institute Ukraine, and this position inevitably implies leadership and project management responsibilities. Also during his engineering career several times he was a team leader and/or project manager, and have supervised the implementation of the software products, which are critical for the timing and quality of performance, including those that are associated with the critical regimes of the equipment operation related to the energy production, gas transport and telecommunications.